O tempora! O mores!

...Or rather, O the (hypocritical) lolz.

Taken from Surf in the Spirit, a Christian site which is on its way to pissing me off due to equating drug use with sorcery (long story):

"At home, children should be encouraged to...play on a computer, or be involved in other activities that use the mind."

I now have an image of a sweet, conservative teenage boy fapping to porn. Sure uses the mind a lot, doesn't it? :D

My immaturity aside, I only did that because the page I'm on is really.fucking.pissing.me.off for reasons mentioned above and because it suggests parents control their children's social lives - young children I could understand, as my parents insisted on communicating with my friends' parents when I was younger to check if they weren't bad influences, and I turned out (more-or-less) fine, but the article talks about teenagers. It's also not particularly subtle with the moralising, as it equates drug use with sin and says drug use is "depraved and carnal", mentioning the spiritual experiences achieved on drugs.

As you probably already know due to me hitting you over the head with it, I'm a liberal atheist - so yeah, diametrically opposed to conservative Christians. Not the best place to start, and it shows. Still, I'm ready to tolerate others (I think...): if it were an article about the dangers of drug abuse, fine. I'm not particularly into the "Drugs are TEH EBILZ and you will be hooked on them instantly" line of health awareness (and I won't even go into the research suggesting that it might actually get teens hooked on drugs more easily), but seeing as they use it in secular science books over here in the UK (AQA biology books, in case you were wondering), I could live with it. I could probably live, albeit slightly irritated, with the view that drug abuse and drugs are inherently evil. But putting an explicitly religious (as opposed to moral) spin on drugs is right out. And the article also goes on to bash rebellion, counterculture and rock posters by claiming that they might be signs of drug abuse in teens.

I'm accentuating the negative here, I know. Buried deep underneath all the conservative religious crap is some genuinely good advice, like trying to reach out and be there for your loved ones. And some of the ways to tell if a teen's addicted to drugs are genuinely sensible, like ill-health and grades dropping significantly. It's just that all the preachy, moralising stuff on top makes me want to destroy the site entirely.

So this turned from an immature thoughtlet into a rant on conservative Christianity...but another plea, this time going out to EVERYONE (including me...this is gonna be hard). Please, please, for the love of whatever deity or lack of one you believe in, dispense with all the toppings and concentrate on the good, sensible morals deep inside, the ones that everyone agrees on. Then, by building on those and having proved that no, the other side are not ebul space aliens with no concept of goodness, we might actually get somewhere as a species.