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Goddess of Misandry

Bow down before me, male rapist scum, for I am the goddess of misandry, the man-hater amongst man-haters! I strike fear into the hearts of men and hope, love and adoration into the hearts of women! Well...all the enlightened ones anyway, for I spit on those women who internalise misogyny and don't want to kill half the species based on gender alone. (I also quietly ignore non-binary people, because binary people are great at erasing anyone who doesn't conform to the gender binary.)

And what are my criteria for being the goddess of misandry, anyway? Well...uh...I don't sleep with men just because they tell me to! That counts for something, right?

Okay, bad strawman over, I really don't like this misandry trend.

"But why?" the proud misandrists ask me. "Misandry is just a natural outgrowth of feminism! It's the logical next step!"

Well, no. My first problem with misandry is that I don't think institutionalised misandry is a thing - nor will i…

Building Bigots

I don't know how to put this politely. All I know how to do is put it simply: internet social justice is hurting itself.

You've seen the pictures of me. You've heard me talk about my privilege. So why listen to someone as astonishingly privileged as I am talk about oppression? (Hey, if you'll listen to the privileged white media about social justice, as many people do...)

Now, I could tell you about the oppressions I personally face in daily life. I could tell you about microaggressions, and the things that are bigger than microaggressions. I could tell you about discrimination and hate crimes. I could tell you several million things that would make you burn with righteous outrage and start writing strongly-worded blog posts on tumblr (but doing more than that to challenge structures of oppression would probably be unlikely). But you probably wouldn't believe me; not because I would lie to you, but because I'm still just white cis scum.

So I won't tell you …

The great debate over whether 1+2+3+4..+ ∞ = -1/12