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Thomas Morley - Now is the Month of Maying {Cambridge Singers}


Kepler's Three Laws

Things Come in Time

So maybe some of you are sitting down with a page of maths exercises and feeling close to tears because you're so frustrated that you can't figure out what to do. I mean, it can't just be me, right? And when, like me, you actually like maths to the point of thinking that it's beautiful, it's even more frustrating and upsetting.

I have a couple of things to say about this.

Firstly, unless your teachers or professors are really mean (or just incompetent) those problems are solvable. Maybe not with the tools you have right now, maybe you might need to use old tools in a different way, but they're probably solvable. And getting hysterical usually doesn't help with doing maths - well, it doesn't help me with doing maths at any rate.

Secondly, take your time. I don't know how I can stress this enough, because it's important and most people (including me) forget to do this. Obviously certain things are going to be quite straightforward and you might no…

L8-5 Spectroscopy of the Hydrogen Atom and One-Electron Ions -- Balmer a...


Some things I was thinking about

So I've moved into my new flat and everything's sort of okay-ish, barring the fact that it took me two weeks to get hot water coming out of the taps. That was not cool. But my flatmates are all really nice - and all girls.

To be honest, I wasn't too fussed about this at first, though given that most of the first-year boys I've met consider cooking to be a dark art and are even messier than I am I'm thankful that our kitchen is reasonably clean.

It's just that...well...some people extol the virtues of living in all-female environments because there are no yucky, gross men to cause drama (apparently flatmates getting together and breaking up is a huge source of  drama for everyone else) or prey on us vulnerable women.

This makes sense given two assumptions:
1. Everyone is straight.
2. If you are sexually attracted to someone, you will act predatory towards them.

Both assumptions are bullshit, but surprisingly few people question them. And both hurt an awful lot o…

Pendulum Motion

Pendulum Motion

Pretty useful for anyone stuck on that pendulum nonsense.