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Riches I Heed Not

It kills me inside when I see people whose only aim in life is to be rich. Not be happy, not work hard, not do something actually useful for humanity. Just be rich.

Fuck capitalism with a shovel. (And yes, that was a blatant promotion of my Twitter account.)

It's a sad reflection on our society that this is what we've come to. Money is fundamentally an abstract entity exchanged for tangible things, the lubricant of a system based on hurting, oppressing and marginalising every living thing on the planet in various different ways. What these people tell me is that they don't give a shit about all that. They just want to get to the top of the pile and can't even be bothered to put the hard work in. Why? Because they want to buy shit, of course! Our society is centred around youth, sexual attractiveness (not beauty - that's a different kettle of fish altogether), wealth, and power, all shown through the acquisition of material goods and services. And, like good little s…

Happy 1-year anniversary!

I've been keeping this blog for a year now. Time to do some reflection, methinks...
...Originally I started this blog to keep track of all my random thoughts. Well, that didn't really work out - look how many times I've gone on hiatus. The name didn't fit either - most posts here aren't about freedom, they're about the random shit going on in my life.
One of the things I noticed is how stupid I was when I was younger, and how stupid I was even a few months ago. Based on current trends I'm just going to keep being stupid, I guess. It makes me cringe how cruel and idiotic I can be - and yet amongst all that there are still a couple of half-decent articles.
So where am I a year on? I've started up a new blog all for my Latin-related stuff; I've probably become a worse writer (though that's partly compensated for by me being slightly better at maths than I was last year), and I've hopefully become a deeper, smarter and more secure person than I …

Paint it Purple

This post was originally written for the Paint it Purpleblog carnival (run by the fabulous Pixel Project), but I was too late to enter.

I'm fortunate enough never to have had someone beat, hurt or rape me for being a woman; others I know have not been so lucky. From being struck in the ribs to being touched by guys who can't keep it in their pants, all the way up to rape, I haven't seen it all but I know I've seen too much for me to keep my mouth shut. What's just as bad is that these girls and women have their experiences played down; either society trivialises and outright lies about what happened to them (they say that she "wanted" to be sexually harassed or that she willingly slept with her rapist) or the women themselves try to rationalise what has happened to them, absolving the abuser of all blame or blaming themselves. I know this is anecdotal evidence, but it's all I have and it's what has made the biggest impact on me.

Though I was lucky…

Feminism is a Fail Agenda

There! That got your attention, didn't it?

It might be worth pointing out now that I'm a raging feminist and totally disagree with the title. Unfortunately, most of Western society agrees - including a rotten core of hostile misogynists, one of whom gave me the title for this post.

Misogyny is one of my triggers for righteous anger, as is pretty much anything which assumes it's acceptable or ethical to oppress another group of people for no good reason (actually, is there ever a good reason for oppression? No). Hence this blog post.

Today, I learnt to laugh at it.

No, that doesn't mean I think misogynists are trivial. I don't think that rape jokes are funny or a thing of no consequence. I don't think that being regarded as a man's property, for him to do with me what he will, is at all unimportant.

I do, however, think misogynists are some of the most incredibly stupid people on the planet - and stupidity is really quite funny. It's depressing and makes…

Shameless self-promotion time!

OK, I know I haven't posted for about two weeks. The real world, unfortunately, calls me to do actual work and that's why. I do, however, have quite a lot of stuff to be working on - and a new blog! I love Latin to bits, so I set up a blog dedicated to it: I'll put up posts in the days and weeks to come - all Latin-related, of course...see for yourself if that sort of thing interests you.

The Presumption of Goodness

I am a humanist and a sceptic. I also take great pleasure in snarking and watching others snark - and being a good sport some of the time, I don't mind if others snark at me. I'm a little jaded, quick to imagine motives, and I always question statistics with reckless abandon (and probably very little knowledge of the subject).

I'm also a wild idealist.

What did you think when you read that last sentence? Did you think I was stupid? Naive? A little cuckoo, perhaps? That's what happens when I try to discuss things with people (and no, my age doesn't help). I'm told that I'm too radical, too unworldly, too...well...I guess my ideas upset them a little, because I'm constantly reassured that the world doesn't work that way and that everything is okay - or that it's better than anarchy. (I disagree with them on just about every point there.)

One of the most idealistic parts of me is my faith in humanity - my presumption of goodness, if you will. I ass…

This has to stop.

Yeah, I'm a Twitter addict...and this time I found #RIPSophie trending. I don't know if I should put a warning on this post, but it discusses bullying and suicide. If those count as triggers, this post has them. (You can never be too careful.)

The story goes that a Wanted fan called Sophie (@JaythanILoveYou) killed herself over bullying. Another story goes that she hasn't actually killed herself and the story is fake.

I want to say this: even if the whole thing's a hoax, that in no way mitigates the fact that too many - I don't have the numbers to hand, but it's too many - teens actually do kill themselves because of bullying, and that it's a real, despicable problem. Faking a suicide - and I really don't know why anyone would do that, not because I'm naive but because it's a hell of a lot of work and brings a lot of negative press - may be vile, but it pales in comparison to the vileness of driving someone to take their own life.

Even sadder? I…