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Gotham the Cat


Here, have a heartwarming tale about a cat. Awww.

"Nice Guys" and Creepy Bastards

I propose a resolution: we stop calling men who expect sex from women nice guys. At the very least, we should put the words in scare quotes, or make up a different name for them. Scum-sucking shitbags, arseholes, losers...I could go on if I could actually be bothered.

"But why should we do that?" you might ask. "Isn't it clear from context?"

Well, I suppose you have a point. It's mainly a request to accommodate me, and people like me: I have problems understanding non-literal speech and will often take it as the truth. So when someone says the phrase "nice guy" to me, I will think of a man who is kind, compassionate and ready to stand up for the people he cares about several minutes before I think of a man who thinks that he's entitled to women's bodies. And that's dangerous. It's dangerous because it puts good men and creepy little shits in the same linguistic category - which is exactly what the latter want, so that they can keep…

Classics in Sarasota: Anatomy of an idiot

Classics in Sarasota: Anatomy of an idiot: This is a kind of thought experiment, an attempt to regard the very rich text of the Antigone from just one angle, centered on the figure ...

...It's also a very awesome analysis of the Antigone.