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On messages and society

The following is a conversation that took place today between me and my mother. Names have been changed to protect the innocent and the not-so-innocent; phrases have been changed because I've clean forgotten 'em and I need to paraphrase. I am well aware how rude I sound and how reasonable she does; I am also well aware that those are also sounds, as opposed to content - and what I say may put me in the right. It's up to you to judge.

Mum: Oh, at school tomorrow, will you give Dan [my friend] this card? It's for Jenny's birthday. [Jenny is Dan's mother and Mum's friend; her birthday was a few days ago. My mum can't be bothered to find out her address, instead relying on me and Dan to exchange things.]
Me: No. I'm not your messenger.
Mum: But she was very upset when I promised Dan would get some chocolates and the card would be late. [As well you know, it was my birthday a little over a week ago. My mum put some chocolates in my schoolbag to give to p…

Illegitimi non carborundum

Or, translated into English from the mock-Latin, "Don't let the bastards get you down".

You can probably already work out who this is directed at: it goes out to all the people who are called freaks, pussies, outcasts, pariahs; to all those who are picked on and bullied; to all those who are looked down on by society, because people are both stupid and cruel. (Long years of this have made me into a misanthrope.) On a more specific level, it's directed to a very nice, outgoing, friendly and unorthodox (this is important, otherwise people would accept him more) guy who is currently down in the dumps because of a couple of bastards. I don't know him well or talk to him that much, but he's a good person and I wish him the best.

So, after the long preamble and waffle, what do I really have to say? Basically this: you might get picked on now, but after you get good grades and get into a good university, you'll be relaxing in your spacious mansion while the peop…

And so the world turns...

...or, in other news, it's my birthday. I'm 15 today, if you didn't know, and this seems to be the only day where I've blogged on time. (I missed Christmas and New Year's, and now I feel selfish for remembering my birthday...never mind.)

I didn't really expect much from today: my last two birthdays weren't any fun for various reasons, and I hate Tuesdays because of PE and Games. Bleh. But I was happily proven quite wrong, as people actually went out of their way to be nice to me today, which was a pretty good feeling, and some other good stuff happened too.

Firstly, we finally got this year's issue of our school magazine, something I always look forward to: I know it sounds sad, but I like it because it gives me a chance to look back on the year before and what I've done. This time I contributed to it, so I was quite pleased with myself, and I got a good laugh out of seeing how much of a dork I looked in the photos. It reminded me of just how much I…

O tempora! O mores!

...Or rather, O the (hypocritical) lolz.

Taken from Surf in the Spirit, a Christian site which is on its way to pissing me off due to equating drug use with sorcery (long story):

"At home, children should be encouraged on a computer, or be involved in other activities that use the mind."

I now have an image of a sweet, conservative teenage boy fapping to porn. Sure uses the mind a lot, doesn't it? :D

My immaturity aside, I only did that because the page I'm on is for reasons mentioned above and because it suggests parents control their children's social lives - young children I could understand, as my parents insisted on communicating with my friends' parents when I was younger to check if they weren't bad influences, and I turned out (more-or-less) fine, but the article talks about teenagers. It's also not particularly subtle with the moralising, as it equates drug use with sin and says drug use is "depraved…

Epic prompts and why editors are a good idea

First off, I saw my friend and his sister today. I don't see them a lot and it was good to talk to them again - they're probably the people most on my level in my social circle.

Anyway, we had a good time and during the course of the day my friend asked to look at some of my writing. He knows how I write loads and loads of stories but run out of steam once I reach the middle (sometimes I don't even get past the beginning...), and I showed him part of a story I'd written on one of his prompts. We both had a good laugh at its general crackiness (I may post it up here one day, but it was a story about a French intellectual being kidnapped by a chair from IKEA who wanted to search for his lost love...yeah, it was weird) and my overblown style of writing (I was trying to parody bad romance novels and failed hard). So, this friend suggests I combine three of my stories (beginning, middle and end) and I suggest that since there are three of us we could each take a part of the…

Shut up about Justin Bieber already

Ah, YouTube. The place people go to when they want to decrease their IQ - and it shows in the comments, especially if you hang around listening to music there. There is guaranteed to be at least one person hating on Justin Bieber and saying he's the spawn of the devil - hell, people dislike him on his own videos, poor guy.

Now, I don't like Justin Bieber and I don't listen to his music. His voice is nothing exceptional - standard bland fare, notable only for the fact that he sounds like a girl. His music is nothing exceptional either, which is sad because apparently he's a multi-instrumentalist and I would expect better from a guy like that, and him and his mum posted a lot of videos of him singing covers on YouTube apparently before he got more than a little attention-seeking, I guess. (Look, I know a lot of people do it. That doesn't stop it from being a way of getting people to notice you; that doesn't stop it from being a ploy to get 15 seconds …