Look, I know this post is fluff, but it's very nice fluff, OK?

Anyway, right now it seems to be singing season - as it always is at the end of term. I've just had two rehearsals and a sort-of performance, which have worn me out. Then I've got:

  • A rehearsal on Thursday
  • A performance on Saturday (it's for my school's Vis Day, which is basically Speech Day but with a posh name, and I've already signed up to do tug-of-war as well in a flash of house pride...oops)
  • A performance on Sunday at the East Barnet Festival as part of a youth performing arts group (the last time I'll ever be there, unfortunately, since I'm leaving)
  • An exam, of all things, on the 5th of July (my grade 6 exam...anyone fancy telling me how easy/hard it is to pass?)
  • And last (but most definitely not least) I'm going on tour with my school choir for five days of rehearsal, performance and general horsing around (we're around Amboise from the 11th-15th of July, come see us if you want a laugh)
With all of this going on, my nearest and dearest are getting very worried and telling me not to talk so much, to wear scarves, not to drink anything too cold...honestly, sometimes I think they're more nervous about the exam than I am - and believe me, I'm nervous! I can see their point, though - that is quite a lot bunched up close together.

We had a quite large rehearsal/performance today, in which I got quite a lot of people to sign a card for our dear soon-to-depart Assistant Director of Music. It's filling up quite quickly now - I may just get people to write on Post-Its and stick them on said card.

It was quite nice overall, spoiled only by the fact that I was stalked by 2 annoying Year 7s and an equally annoying Year 8. All three are coming on the

Our "performance" was really too informal to deserve the name, and a bit of a fail as well (mostly due to people not bothering to learn the music). I ended up singing 3 solos, partly through merit (if I do say so myself), partly through being in the right place at the right time and partly through luck. Still, the parents seemed to enjoy it and I even got random people coming up to me and complimenting my performance. It's quite odd, but also very nice...

Anyway, long story short, I came home and now I'm exhausted. It's a couple of days yet before I have to sing again, and I'm almost sad...I like having music as a diversion from studying (which I really should be doing right now).