Conversations about atheism and religion I'm sick of having

First of all, sorry for not posting. I'm really, really sorry. A combination of exams and (oddly for me) nothing to write about is not a particularly great thing.

Secondly, being a fairly vocal atheist and a person who actually pays attention to what people believe in, I've had more conversations about atheism and religion then I really care to remember. I've also got a fair bit of experience...and really, I'm just getting sick of it all. I just see the same thing over and over and over again. I just see repetition. It's not something I signed up for - I want to think, to engage my brain, not to see the same tired old clich├ęs.

So here, in no particular order, are conversations I'm sick of having. (Also, if there are any conversations you're sick of having/you want to criticise anything/etc., feel free to leave comments.)

Anything along the lines of "Atheism is stupid LOLOLOL". I've heard it before. I can refute your arguments.

Anything along the lines of "Theism is stupid LOLOLOL". I've heard it before, so many times. Now can we please move on and get something done?

"Atheism is a religion!" It's not.

"Atheists should have a religion." The strength of atheism is the lack of inherent organised thought. Take that away and you open yourself up to the great weakness and danger of organised thought.

Any atheists' or heathens' creeds. Don't tell me what to think. That's good enough for me.

"My position is the right one and the rest of you are ALL wrong!" Shut up, sit down and listen to other people. We all have something to learn.

"I'm not going to associate with theists/atheists/agnostics/whatever, even if I agree with them on everything else." I can't stop people from doing this, but the idea that if two people have opposing ideologies they must choose ideology over association creeps me out, since it privileges ideas over living, breathing beings - which is getting it the wrong way around.

Assuming that all theists/atheists/agnostics/whatever are evil/good/whatever simply by virtue of the ideas they hold. No. No. No. Based on simple prejudice.

Assuming all theists/atheists/agnostics/whatever are stupid/rational/whatever simply by virtue of the ideas they hold. No. No. No. Stupidity seems to transcend belief or lack of belief in a deity or deities.

Trying to prove famous people's atheism or lack of it. This smacks of fallacious thinking.

Trying to prove that religion is sweet and cuddly. Some of us actually read holy books and can refute you.

Confusing the tone of a message with the content of a message. I am sick of being told that "atheists are arrogant" as if it made us wrong. Being arrogant and being right are two different things.

Anyone being abusive and mistaking it for good debate technique or a guarantee of being right. Unneeded, unnecessary and goes against basic, simple decency. This is especially appropriate if you're a humanist or if your religion commands you to love people. Don't be a hypocrite, okay? Also, being abusive, being good at debating and being right are all different things. Keep that in mind.

Trying to split the atheist community in any way, shape or form. We're still pretty small, we need to be vocal to encourage more atheists to speak up and come out (and showing who you truly are should never have to be an ordeal), and we shouldn't be infighting. I'm not necessarily saying that anyone is - I'm saying that we should all remain vigilant and all try and unite.

I'm really sick of these. I've seen them all too many times. I know how they go - or don't go, considering these conversations don't get us particularly far. I'd rather have other conversations - conversations about working with non-atheists to achieve shared goals (yes, we do share some common goals), or about what we can do to work towards a secular society. Conversations like that (and more - any ideas are welcome) are ones we desperately need to have.