Two Years On

So I've now been running this blog for two years! Holy crap! Ah, well, my prose has been doing somewhat better; my mind, however, has not and sadly it's spilled over into my writing. (Sorry about that.) That said, I've done some decent posts and maybe, just maybe, they're worth sharing. So here's a round-up of some of the best (or least bad) articles I've done over the past 12 months.

November: Riches I Heed Not - probably the last post I did that month, and my argument for why doing what you love is better than trying to make as much money as possible
December: Things People Should Know - a very simple espousal of my views on seeking the truth
January: Too Stupid To Rule - or why ignorance isn't a good excuse for limiting the say people can have on things
February: Dum Vivimus, Vivamus - I'd like to have put something more worthy up, but this is simply the best written piece from that month (which isn't saying much, I know); it's a desperate, selfish piece about taking what enjoyment from life that you can, but it has passion
March: Combat Xenophobia - But How? - I'm still looking for answers to this question, and regretting not having written better blogs that month
April: Stop Fucking Swearing! - I couldn't really choose here, so I went for the one with the most views; I also linked all of April for the shameless self-promotion factor
May: In Defence of Free Speech - Faith Schools was also fairly popular in terms of people actually sharing the post around, but the former means more to me in terms of standing by your principles
June: Not Proud To Be British - people actually vaguely liked this one for some reason and it has anti-nations sentiment in it
July: Of Nature - the post that for some reason got a crazy amount of views
August: Dangerous Thinking - because ideas should be questioned
September: The Quest For Happiness - maybe the longest post I've ever done, and maybe one of the most important
October: An Idea - somewhere amongst the despair I managed to think up an idea which was then overlooked