"Nice Guys" and Creepy Bastards

I propose a resolution: we stop calling men who expect sex from women nice guys. At the very least, we should put the words in scare quotes, or make up a different name for them. Scum-sucking shitbags, arseholes, losers...I could go on if I could actually be bothered.

"But why should we do that?" you might ask. "Isn't it clear from context?"

Well, I suppose you have a point. It's mainly a request to accommodate me, and people like me: I have problems understanding non-literal speech and will often take it as the truth. So when someone says the phrase "nice guy" to me, I will think of a man who is kind, compassionate and ready to stand up for the people he cares about several minutes before I think of a man who thinks that he's entitled to women's bodies. And that's dangerous. It's dangerous because it puts good men and creepy little shits in the same linguistic category - which is exactly what the latter want, so that they can keep whining about how women only ever want jerks (for anyone's information, I'm an utter misanthrope and tend to avoid jerks with a ten-foot bargepole) and keep their eyes closed to their harmful behaviour.

So for the sake of us all - for the confused, for the creepy shits, for those who may have never come across this before - it's worth differentiating between genuinely nice men and those who only appear nice in linguistic terms.