I have a mathematical mind. To those who know me, this is no great secret. To those who don't know me, it's not something that I try to hide.

I can't necessarily say that it's particularly fun, nor that it's particularly difficult. It's just how I am and I've never known anything else, so I can't compare. It's definitely useful for a hell of a lot of stuff, from analysing music and literature to doing the stuff I'm actually supposed to do.

What I will say is that it's frustrating. Imagine that you speak another language pretty much natively. To an English speaker, for example, this language is abstract, unintuitive and overall difficult to understand. The language is difficult if not impossible to translate without butchering it beyond all recognition, and people think you're strange for speaking it. All the same, English and not mathematese is the current lingua franca, so you grit your teeth and get translating.

Now imagine you stumble upon something wonderful. It's amazing, powerful and a masterful use of your language. You want to show it to everyone.

Problem is that it's nearly untranslatable without a lot of butchering! All the same, you try and explain it to people and are rewarded with...blank stares. Confusion. Hell, maybe even fear.

It gets annoying, you know?