Things I learned in Paris

So, like any good Francophile (and one half of a couple - come on, we've been together for three years, it was bound to happen, and yes we did walk down the banks of the Seine) I've been to Paris. In fact I've just come back from a lovely jaunt there with my partner (thank you!). And like any good traveller, I've learned some things along the way - just they might not be the most conventional ones...

1. If in doubt, set herbs on fire. They give steak a lovely smokey flavour. Omnom.
2. Everything is better with sauces. The creamier the better.
3. If in any more doubt, grab some spirits, set those on fire and pour them over a dessert. Et voila, one boozy sweet treat with added depth, richness and possibility of intoxication if you're as much of a lightweight as I am!
4. Despite being of Eastern European descent (I can't really give you more specifics than that because I'm all mixed up) and having never lived in France in literally ever, people assume I know Paris well and ask me for directions...Good thing I speak French!