Ode to Tinfoil

Tinfoil is very important.

I don't mean literal tinfoil - I'm just being silly. But tinfoil sounds like foil and I happen to think that foils are very important - not just for wrapping up sandwiches and making good cat toys, but also in the literary sense.

That's all very well and good; foils are pretty important to literature.

This is the point at which I make a bit of a jump and claim that foils are important to real life - in particular, that they are important to friendship. This is also the point at which this post turns into a sappy ode to my friends.

I am blessed to have friends from all over life's weird ways. They're not exactly like me. I have friends my parents disapprove of.

This is a good thing.

The differences between me and my friends mean that we can bounce things off each other - ideas, perspectives, maths, soft toys, bouncy balls, buckets of ice cold water. We disagree. We argue. We get things wrong. But it is worth it to illuminate each other's dark places and light each other up; we make each other shine brighter.