Adventures in SciLab

5 words a girl* never wants to hear:

"My Matlab install's not working."

*for girl, read lazy physics trash

So I up and googled things and stumbled upon SciLab, which is good because it took like 10 minutes to install and looks a lot like Matlab on the surface.

The documentation is plentiful (and man, I have never been more glad I can read French because about half the help documentation is French). This is good because I haven't done any serious data analysis since last June. Yes, it's been eight months since I've analysed lab data using a computer program.

There are downsides to missing a semester of lab after all. I feel like such a noob! (on the plus, setting up scilab to take my data is about 1000 times easier now that I know how to program...but I now need to learn to get it to spit out nice graphs)

Yay! By mucking around with style = a negative number I got it to plot points. But datafit is an actual function and I have to write actual code. Right now it's 4 in the morning and I'm really sorry but I can't be fucked. I'll do it later.