It's halfway through September and I'm currently sitting through a thunderstorm.

Life kind of didn't like me this summer, between not studying abroad, having to scramble to find a place to live, having a mini-breakdown and damaging friendships.

And no holiday. Because I was too overworked. Yay.

But it's September! And I've got a new flat all to myself! And I've prepped for the new academic year! (Just. I have a lot of work and I'm pretty scared.)

I saw a friend from uni today, since we hadn't met up all summer. We caught up on old times, videogames and such lofty academic questions (!) as what happens if a black hole and a white hole merge. He reminded me of how much I would have missed everyone if I had gone abroad. How much I've missed Manchester and university life.

Now I'm drinking tea, listening to Beck, and supposed to be preparing for a phone interview tomorrow...but I keep getting distracted because I'm so damn happy. Because things might not have worked out as I wanted them to, but I had a backup plan and good ideas of what to do, because things aren't totally terrible, because I still have a support network, because I'm going to keep doing what I love, because life might actually be good.

Here's to September and the new academic year.