Feminism is a Fail Agenda

There! That got your attention, didn't it?

It might be worth pointing out now that I'm a raging feminist and totally disagree with the title. Unfortunately, most of Western society agrees - including a rotten core of hostile misogynists, one of whom gave me the title for this post.

Misogyny is one of my triggers for righteous anger, as is pretty much anything which assumes it's acceptable or ethical to oppress another group of people for no good reason (actually, is there ever a good reason for oppression? No). Hence this blog post.

Today, I learnt to laugh at it.

No, that doesn't mean I think misogynists are trivial. I don't think that rape jokes are funny or a thing of no consequence. I don't think that being regarded as a man's property, for him to do with me what he will, is at all unimportant.

I do, however, think misogynists are some of the most incredibly stupid people on the planet - and stupidity is really quite funny. It's depressing and makes me want to smack my head on the nearest hard surface, yes, but it's funny.

The "rationale" for misogyny (as far as I can work it out) seems to be "women aren't doing the things I want them to do, so I'll call them sluts (read: women who are too promiscuous for the cis male ideal) and decry the ones who think they have a right to autonomy and independence as feminazis". That is a "rationale" (well, it's not very rational - perhaps I should call it an irrationale?) based on the fear of losing a perceived control over women, and it's "rationalised" (irrationalised?) with claims that women are stupid and worthless. Each step of illogic is based on what is effectively complete and utter bullshit. That's one of the oldest and finest examples of stupidity the world over, and how can you not laugh? It only shows up the insecurity of the misogynists.

I'm not saying that we should stop dealing with them. The hateful lie that is misogyny lives and thrives in our culture, and if we ever want a society where no-one has to deal with harassment, rape, objectification and oppression we have to fight that lie every day. I'm not saying that misogynists are harmless: rapists and murderers are hardly a thing of no concern. What I am saying is that they're a bunch of complete idiots, which entitles you to laugh at them, which makes it easier to do things effectively. Laughter and ridiculing your opponents are powerful weapons.

As for feminism being a fail agenda? As for feminists being man-hating "feminazis"? No. Feminism is the movement that pushed and continues to push for women being treated like people and not objects, which is probably the opposite of fail. And feminism isn't about oppressing men, it's about removing male privilege to stop the oppression of women, which still goes on today.

Isn't anyone who opposes that slightly insecure?