I'm a science lover and a bit of a sceptic - I question everything and I am open to all, if I can find the facts and/or verify how much bollocks is being spouted. I resist the commodification of science, I resist the demonisation of science, and most of all I resist people trying to figure out my political beliefs from my support of science (right now it's not important, but as anyone who reads this blog or talks to me on Twitter will know, I'm a raging lefty). Supporting science doesn't make me a corporate shill, an evil megalomaniac, or an ineffective centrist. It doesn't make me anything, except possibly geeky - and I revel in that.

Anyway, what was I going to blog about?...Ah, yes, pseudoscience. Its practitioners put on vaguely scientific airs and graces while spewing nonsense, completely misunderstanding good scientific practice (and indeed good science itself) so that they can push products and misguided ideas. It's not really that fun arguing with them either, thanks to a wonderful array of logical fallacies that they use, and I'm not the most confrontational of people either, which doesn't help.

I have accepted that changing some people's beliefs might as well be impossible. What I don't accept is those beliefs hurting and killing people - as they do whenever they're put into practice. A placebo, or drinking what is effectively just water, will not work against serious illnesses such as malaria. However scared you may be of the evil vaccine (if you're not aware that I'm being very, very snarky right now, you really need to listen to actual scientists and sceptics talking about vaccination), it's nothing compared to the risk of no vaccination at all, or even low rates - these can kill. The risk of an adverse reaction to being vaccinated is far, far lower than the risk know...illness or death from not being vaccinated (and underlying conditions may be involved anyway, particularly in severe adverse reactions). Denying a link between HIV and AIDS because Big Pharma are trying to make money off it (no shit, they are and there's a lot wrong with them, but there's still a link between HIV and AIDS) doesn't help, it kills...and oh wait, there are people profiting off getting people to take vitamin pills instead of antiretrovirals.

There's a lot wrong with conventional medicine. There's a lot wrong with the medicalisation of everyday conditions. There's a lot wrong with science being motivated by money. And you know what? Conventional medicine still cures more than it kills and still does better than alternative medicine.

I'm not a Big Pharma shill - I would find that quite difficult considering I'm an anti-capitalist. Neither have I been brainwashed by the evil scientists of doom - I do hope to join the ranks of scientists one day, though. I merely use logic and look at the evidence.