Don't Forget To Love

(Yes, this was the only picture I could find. Yes, I am perfectly aware that it's shit. Yes, I am perfectly aware I haven't posted in weeks, and I apologise. I've not really had much that I want to talk about.)

Don't forget to love. That was something I noticed a wise person said not too long ago - but if it's as wise a piece of advice as I think it is (and I might be wrong) other people have already come up with it.

I'll say it now - and frankly I'm really not in the mood to ponder just how terrible of a person this makes me; in fact I have trouble finding the motivation and energy to give a fuck - it's not easy advice to follow. Or maybe that's just me. The fact that I felt like my heart was breaking when I first read this advice probably did not help. The fact that remembering to love involves working through all the bitterness, all the pain, all the prejudice, and being strong enough to love all on top of that probably does not help either given that it's a bloody colossal feat. (Then again, my perception of actions is a bit skewed right now, so don't take my word for it.)

I only mentioned this because, well - I'm young and older heads than me like to give me advice, to the point where I'm a bit spoiled for choice. Some of the advice I've gotten is essentially not to bother about changing people's perceptions, because they're too set in their ways and I'll only end up hurting myself.

Let it go on the record now that I have trouble giving a flying fuck right now. That's the first important thing. The second important thing is that I have less trouble giving a flying fuck about other people than I do about myself. The third important thing is that as shit as humanity can be, as shit as it is, it can change. And I know this can happen because I've seen people change. I've seen people do good things. I know that people have the potential to do good - it just needs to be cultivated. And I know that as hard as it is to try and get people to change their ways for the better, it is possibly worse to stand by and let them continue being prejudiced.

I'll just say this now - trying to get people to be less prejudiced is not an easy task. I know this for a fact. I'll also say that if through my efforts I manage to get one person to change in even the smallest way it will all be worth it. If I've cried, if I've screamed, if I've worked myself to the bone, if I've hurt myself, it'll be worth it just to see a little less suffering in the world.

I don't know if this is an attitude I can keep, and frankly I doubt it. But because it could potentially help others, it's an attitude I'll try to keep for as long as I can, not for my sake but for the sake of another.