Look In The Mirror!

I apologise if this seems a touch too inspirational for anyone; you are welcome to criticise and attack it all you like, though it was written due to personal circumstances.

Look in the mirror! Hold your sobbing head high, though you think your face looks a mess. I'll slip my arms around your shoulders and back to support you, and I'll wipe away the tears that roll down your face.

Look in the mirror! Force yourself to look, don't turn away. It's no shame to cry, to be sad, to have red and puffy eyes. Shame upon those who think it is shameful.

Look in the mirror! Dry your eyes and breathe as I hold you close.

Look in the mirror! That puffy-eyed reflection with its bowed head and its broken, empty heart is you, I'll admit that - oh, what is there to admit? It's the truth. You're bruised and hurt; that much is obvious to any person who cares to notice. But you're more than that.

Look in the mirror! There is more to you than your tears and sorrows, more to you than the cruelty of others. There is more to you than an endless rain of slurs. Though it doesn't feel like it, you are more than failure after failure, insecurity after insecurity, misfortune after misfortune.

Look in the mirror! I can see the sparks of humanity and wonder that draw me to you; I see greatness, or the potential for it, in you and others. It's why I stick around instead of walking away.

Look in the mirror! You don't believe it, but I see it. You are better and stronger than you think you are, even when you feel at your weakest. It's no shame and if you need help don't hesitate to call upon me.