Life Isn't Fair you should get over it. That's the "logic" most people use. Life's not fair and never will be, so accept it and move on. That's what they say.

And I would normally say "that's rubbish". However, right now I am sick, spaced-out, having difficulty connecting to my emotions, and generally just being a sad, snappish, generally disagreeable sack of shit, so I think I'll pass on any attempts at mildness and civility and just say fuck that. With a shovel.

I'm not disputing that life is unfair - I know this for a fact. Everyone old enough to have been screwed over while complete bastards roll in the riches of life knows this for a fact, or they're lucky or deluding themselves. Or possibly both. What I am disputing is the notion that no-one should do anything to change this and that we should all just learn to live with it, not least because people who say that the world should be fair are whiners. And no-one likes a whiner, do they? Whiners are negative and negative people are bad.

Fuck that! Fuck it all! Negativity isn't inherently a bad thing and no-one should be shamed for it, for a start - but that's besides the point. The point is that learning to live with the unfairness of life equates to not even trying to do anything about the unfairness of life. You live with it, sure, but you don't try to make it any better. And do you know what? That's worse than being a whiner. Whiners at least recognise that something's wrong and want to change it. Because when life's unfair, when people suffer because of this unfairness, something's deeply wrong. And when something's deeply wrong, it needs changing.

Fine, maybe you don't want to change it for yourself, for whatever reason. Maybe it's too much bloody hard work. Maybe it requires overturning things you don't think you can live without. Maybe, for some reason, you can't change it. (If it's the latter, my heart, bitter and caked with hate and evil as it is, goes out to you.)

Can you not fight against the unfairness of life, if not for yourself, then for other people? Is there no-one you care about who has been touched by this unfairness? Is there no-one in the world, no suffering being, who has not been touched by this unfairness? Why should they suffer? Because you think they should resign themselves to a life of being fucked over? Because it's too much work for you? Because you're not a whiner?

That must make me a whiner, I suppose. I know how unfair life is, on me (overprivileged as I am, I've had my fair share of getting fucked up) and on other people. And as long as I still have the energy to get stuck in and try and make the world a little less bad, that's what I'll do. Not for my sake: not only am I overprivileged and therefore incredibly fucking lucky, but I'm also a lost cause. But there are other people out there - people worse off than me - and they should not have to suffer simply because "life isn't fair".