Don't Be That Person!

I know this is only a little thing compared with such issues as global inequality and people not having access to clean water, but it annoys me.

So, this is the 21st century. In the West, things might have a long way to go, but they could be worse. Theoretically, we have a better understanding of the fact that different people think differently, like different things and have different lifestyles. In practice, people still throw hissy fits over the tiniest things, not understanding that in a free and diverse society at least one person is going to do something you disagree with and that there's not very much you can do about it, short of keeling over into authoritarianism.

Now, I'm used to people disagreeing with ideas and wishing everyone thought the same. Most people and their mothers do that to some extent - or maybe it's just me holding opinions that cause everyone around me to disagree with me. I can cope with that, because I've grown up with it. And it's not nice, but the kinds of people who disagree with ideas don't necessarily act like the world revolves around them.

What I'm not used to is people expecting me to conform to their exact ideas of what I should be like - how I should behave, dress and even style my hair. I was brought up not to tell people what they should be like, because it was rude; my mother was very, very big on teaching me manners and it still shows. I'm not even sure if it's more of an American thing (I've seen it more from Americans than from any other country). I'm not a talking doll - I'm a real person, with real hopes and dreams and fears, who doesn't take kindly to being told that I have to behave according to the whims of a stranger.

The same people who do that kind of thing are also very selfish: they seem to want everyone to behave according to their whims because they can't comprehend others existing for a purpose other than serving them. And when for whatever reason you don't do these things (possibly because rushing around trying to please strangers isn't something that most people care about or have time for), they start to insult you and imply that if you don't cater to them, nobody will ever want to be around you.

So why am I talking about such childish people? After all, it's not like I want to drag myself down to their level - and to be honest, they're quite laughable really. The thing is, there are an awful lot of people like them out there who can treat others like shit in this generation and teach younger people that this sort of behaviour is normal and desirable - which generally makes the world a more unpleasant place to live in. From a purely selfish perspective, it doesn't reflect too well on them either: people don't like to hang out with someone who constantly criticises everything they do and makes them feel shit and worthless if they don't do exactly as they say. Except for other people like that. In which case you've got shit friends and I feel quite sorry for you.

Just...don't be that asshole who throws a temper tantrum if people don't exactly conform to your whims, okay? You hurt other people and nobody likes you.