How to be more likeable in one simple step

The internet is wonderful. It means you can google anything, from how to cook an egg to how to make people love you. Sure, results may vary, or backfire spectacularly and hilariously, but as long as you don't take too much stock in the advice of complete strangers you should be fine. Right?

To kill time while brushing my hair in the morning, I flicked through an article I saw on shitbook about toxic habits everyone has. (First mistake. I'm partial to clickbait and the shiny shiny.)

And what were these toxic habits, you might ask? The heinous crimes of...sharing photos on facebook, oversharing, and especially negativity. (Seriously. Perpetual optimism and the fear of expressing "taboo" emotions such as sadness or anger need to go fuck themselves.)

Well, after reading this very enlightening article, I think I can make a few improvements. In fact, given that I like to find elegant solutions to problems, I think I can find a way for you to free yourself of these toxic habits and become more likeable in just one simple step:

Stop being a judgemental dick.

No, seriously. Do you know who's worse than the person who puts up a million photos you don't care about, the person who lets everyone know about their latest drama, or the person who shares sad quotes on their social media? The sanctimonious twat with a stick up their arse who's declared themselves the Elder of the Internet.
(You don't even live on Big Ben and everyone knows that's where you get the best reception.)

You can't be likeable to everyone, and you probably shouldn't try if it means you're going to be constantly monitoring your actions for someone, somewhere, potentially disapproving of something mildly irritating. Besides, we've all been that person - the oversharer, the gossiper, the self-righteous internet crusader. (If you haven't, you're either too young to be on this blog or lying.)

So let's cut each other some slack. Share all those photos because it makes you happy. Overshare because it makes you comfortable. Let all those emotions out and vent to someone you trust without fear of sounding too negative.

Most importantly, stop trying to please other people and just focus on being kind. That's probably the least unlikeable thing - and that's good enough.


  1. I have found a little corner in the library this morning and I am enjoying reading your posts on my laptop. You have earned a new follower.


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