A quick post about nothing in particular

All right. I'll take some time off from politics and revolution and wind everything down 'til October or so. I'm not going on hiatus, but updates will be less frequent and likely less political, though I can't promise anything.

Last night I went to see Crazy for You at the Regent's Park Open Air Theatre...at least, I tried to see it. As anyone who was also there would know, they had to cancel the performance due to rain. A shame, in other words. Still, what I did get to see of it was sheer Gershwin fluff...right up my alley, in other words, though I'd never admit it. I might be going to try and see it again on Friday - keeping my fingers crossed!

Come Saturday I'm joining in with this Voce Sanctis event to sing Come ye sons of art by Purcell. It's quite a big thing for me, since apart from joining in with the Really Big Chorus one time (and doing a little thing with the Harrow Philharmonic Choir, though that was with some people from school) I haven't done any singing outside of school.

As for tomorrow? Well, tomorrow is really why I'm winding everything down and trying not to focus on smashing the state so much...you see, school starts tomorrow! I'm going to be in Year 11 and have about a million exams to take, not to mention all the musical things, debates right and left (well, that at least is business as usual for me), and generally studying from morning 'til night.

Can you tell I'm dreading it?

(I mean, I'm looking forward to seeing all my friends, but I'll miss whatever precious freedom I had.)

And so ends the post about nothing in particular. See you around sometime.