This Is The Dawning Of The Age Of Stupidity

I am a teenager; I am a teenager under sixteen, to be slightly more precise and to give you some insight into my life. According to my elders and my supposed betters, this means that I am hormonal, boy-crazy and reckless. I am supposedly incapable of not being dramatic; any unhappiness I may feel is me making a mountain out of a molehill, ruled by my hormones and in need of a big, strong adult to show the whiny bitch her place. Anything I'm passionate about is just a passing phase, unworthy of discussion. I have nothing resembling logic, and even if I did, how could it compare to the long years of experience that wore my parents down from fired-up people into passive consumers?

In short, if I don't follow my parents' advice to the letter (and perhaps even if I do), I'm going to do something stupid, because a bint like me simply isn't capable of justified emotion, actually caring about something, or doing smart things.

I used to get really offended by this line of "thinking" (quotes intentional). In fact, I still do. In a perfect world, my ideas would be discussed on their own merits, without my age or sex being factors. Sadly, we don't live in a perfect world and it would probably take me longer to convince people that yes, my ideas are worthy of discussion and I am a person just like you, than it would do to put my ideas into place.

Well, since nobody's going to take me seriously and since I only get one chance to be stupid, I'm going to take that chance.

I'm going to disseminate my liberal ideas everywhere, backing them up with facts and logic.

I'm going to join as many protests as I can and fight for a better world.

I'm going to involve myself in the politics of the Left and maybe, just maybe, try to draw everyone together in one big coalition.

I'm going to call for socialist media, not just social media.

I'm going to stand up to the government when it so much as thinks about rolling back civil liberties.

I'm going to make a difference in as many ways as I can and the old order of things be damned.