This is shamelessly stolen from The Truth About Victoriana, which I highly suggest you check out if you have time - or even if you don't.

Common Rationalizations (i.e., excuses) used when applying SOCIALDARWINISM ...

• it is simply the rules of the economic market ... supply & demand!

• Business is business!

• Since when does Christianity apply to business? You cannot apply the Golden Rule to economics! You apply it to everyone and anything else, but NOT business!

• Of course it is okay to take over other businesses and cause owners to suffer! That's just plain business! (he/she wasn't a good business person anyway, they couldn't do ___________, etc.)

• Who cares how many unemployed may result from the decision to import those things that local farmers used to grow!? It makes more economic sense to go after a buck!

(these are only a few examples, there are TONS of them that were operating during the Victorian Age and, sad to say, these same types of excuses are still used to cloak social darwinism under the thin veneer of "Christianity" and operate today

This makes me sick, because it still happens today. Bleh.