Illegitimi non carborundum

Or, translated into English from the mock-Latin, "Don't let the bastards get you down".

You can probably already work out who this is directed at: it goes out to all the people who are called freaks, pussies, outcasts, pariahs; to all those who are picked on and bullied; to all those who are looked down on by society, because people are both stupid and cruel. (Long years of this have made me into a misanthrope.) On a more specific level, it's directed to a very nice, outgoing, friendly and unorthodox (this is important, otherwise people would accept him more) guy who is currently down in the dumps because of a couple of bastards. I don't know him well or talk to him that much, but he's a good person and I wish him the best.

So, after the long preamble and waffle, what do I really have to say? Basically this: you might get picked on now, but after you get good grades and get into a good university, you'll be relaxing in your spacious mansion while the people who picked on you will be cleaning your pool and taking out your rubbish. Granted, they're too retarded for the most part to recognise that, but it's true.