Shut up about Justin Bieber already

Ah, YouTube. The place people go to when they want to decrease their IQ - and it shows in the comments, especially if you hang around listening to music there. There is guaranteed to be at least one person hating on Justin Bieber and saying he's the spawn of the devil - hell, people dislike him on his own videos, poor guy.

Now, I don't like Justin Bieber and I don't listen to his music. His voice is nothing exceptional - standard bland fare, notable only for the fact that he sounds like a girl. His music is nothing exceptional either, which is sad because apparently he's a multi-instrumentalist and I would expect better from a guy like that, and him and his mum posted a lot of videos of him singing covers on YouTube apparently before he got more than a little attention-seeking, I guess. (Look, I know a lot of people do it. That doesn't stop it from being a way of getting people to notice you; that doesn't stop it from being a ploy to get 15 seconds of fame.)

So far, we have a fairly talented attention-seeker who is also a teen idol. Big deal, he's a guy who got enough people to sit up and take notice of him and they moulded him into something designed to appeal to the young female demographic. None of that warrants the hate he gets on the internet. Granted, he's an empty idol and an attention-seeker, but it'll blow over once the record companies have taken all they can from him. We've had numerous bands and musicians like that, but none of them have got as much hate as this poor guy - and I feel genuinely sorry for him. I don't like people who try and get famous, but he's been catapulted to fame, has the classic shrieking-fangirls problem and now people are making death threats against a 16-year-old boy? What the hell has he done?

Until Justin Bieber launches a campaign to eradicate an entire race/religion/ethnic group, brainwashes the world into serving his evil regime or tortures people into being his slaves, curb your hate for him. Yes, his music is formulaic pap, yes, his voice is still high, yes, he is a tool designed to make young teenage girls lose their sanity and sense. That does not make him the incarnation of all that is evil or worthy of being treated as such. And you know what? He's an attention whore. The best way to deal with attention whores is to ignore them - and if you ignore him, sure he'll keep churning out formula for a while, but after that while he'll start to grow and change. People will get bored of his sound, or he'll get bored of it and try to change - which some might not like, because it'll be...ahem...problematic for his image. (Read: no more teen idol, so the record companies will have to find a new poster boy.) Anyway, at some point he'll drop off the radar and we can go back to enjoying good music - best bit is that this will happen sooner if you just shut up about how shit he is. Granted, it'll take years, but the bad publicity will only feed Bieber's and the record companies' egos and machines, and it'll take even longer for his songs to get off the air.
Remember, good things come to those who wait, and this is never truer than when you are dealing with attention whores. Ignore him and, though it might take a while, he'll never be a teen idol again - hopefully.