About talentless teen "singers"...

...Basically, I've had it up to here with them. Let me raise my hand to show you. Now imagine that length extended up a couple of metres, through the ceiling and then through the roof of the building.

That's how fed up I am with them. Not just with them personally, but with an industry which churns them out by the half-million while genuinely talented people are left out in the cold.

I know I've said in the past that they should be left alone and that some do have genuine talent, but I've caught on (far too late, it seems) that while the individual acts will fade away, they'll always be replaced by more and more drones unless someone does something about it. And yes, some are actually fairly talented - if you define "talent" as "being halfway decent and/or being able to somewhat play an instrument". This in no way excuses them from churning out formulaic crap, as anyone with even half a music education could write and sing better music.

Nothing they do is good, just catchy, and their fame is fleeting at best. They'll be dumped by their label as soon as people start catching on to how formulaic their music is and the goons in suits will find some other poor sod who wants to become, like, totally famous. They haven't done anything to deserve their media attention except for being OKish-looking attention whores - yes, they are whores, they would sell their souls (if they had any) for people to pay any attention to them.

All this I think I could take if they weren't hurting anyone with their suckiness. But they are, in two main ways. Not only is their music physically painful to listen to (I curl up in a ball whenever anyone starts singing "Friday"), but they take attention away from genuinely talented people. I used to know a budding opera singer with ridiculous amounts of natural talent - she could make people break down and cry with her voice. If there were any justice in this world, she'd be famous and releasing opera hits right NOW, but no, talentless suckers are taking the position she deserves more than they do.

I can name a lot more people like her, all of whom I was AT LEAST acquaintanced with. All of them sing or compose well and have more talent in one fingernail clipping than the tween singers could ever dream of, but pigs will fly before they get anywhere near the fame and attention that their less talented counterparts do.

Rebuttals time!

1) You're just jealous.
I'm not jealous. As you should be able to tell by the tone of this rant, I'm angry - mouth-frothingly angry, in fact. And I'm not angry because I'm not up there making the music videos or the songs, I'm angry because certain talentless little creeps are up there making manufactured hits while real artists are starving. You should have been able to tell this from actually, y'know, reading the post.

2) There are a lot of people like that. Life isn't fair. Deal with it.
How about no? I know that life's unfair; if I've worked out anything from my decade and a half on this planet, that's it. The point is that I'm sick of it and I think it can and should be changed. If even one talented person gets the recognition that they deserve, that's a step towards fairness.

3) Opera or whatever the real artists are doing isn't as good/popular/whatever as manufactured tween pop.
First of all, opera singers/some alternative/etc. don't use auto-tune. Manufactured tween pop does, pretty much as a staple. I think that establishes what kind of talent lies where. The former styles are also much more musically complex.
Secondly, you're right. They're not as popular with impressionable young girls - anyone's guess why. Maybe if they were brought up listening to opera from a young age (and I don't mean things like The Greatest Hits of Classic FM or something like that, which is essentially dumbed-down film scores, I mean things like Giulio Cesare and Dido and Aeneas) or music was actually a taught subject instead of a muck-around lesson, there would be less love for crappy formulaic shite.

If anyone has any more, comment and I'll answer. Until then, that's pretty much all.