10 Things I'd Like My Daughter to Know

So, in the interests of posting something when I haven't done for almost a week, I decided to do my own take on something people who more often than not are childless do: try to pass down their distilled wisdom, or lack of it, to an imaginary child. For various reasons I'd probably be a very, very shitty parent, but I'll try my best anyway.

1. Think for yourself. Always.

2. Everyone is your equal and just as capable of suffering as you are, so treat them well.

3. Don't be scared of an idea until you've properly researched it.

4. Some things may seem like your fault because you were involved in them, but if you weren't the aggressor, they probably weren't. It's difficult sometimes not to blame yourself for them, but remember that they weren't your fault and it'll save you a lot of heartbreak.

5. Things don't get better of their own accord, so work for them now.

6. Somewhere out there are people who love you and support you and would do anything for you. Find them and your life will be a hell of a lot better.

7. Eudaimonia requires taking risks and venturing out of your comfort zone.

8. Only listen to your old fart of a mother if she's being logical.

9. Emotional manipulation is underhanded and utterly despicable.

10. Life is utterly meaningless. Find something that matters to you and work for it.