The Right is Wrong

Those who know me will know that, to keep myself in order and to let off steam, I frequently poke fun at, mock, and yell at the Right depending on my mood and how eloquent I feel. I don't really have much respect for it. Why not? Shouldn't I respect tradition? Didn't they come up with some good ideas?


I cannot and will not respect an ideology, or loose collection of ideologies (names like Left and Right are hugely misleading and downright wrong, but easy to use and I generally take pot-shots at everything anyway), that is bigoted (witness the misogyny, racism, homophobia and xenophobia of, say, the Republicans) and appears to have no idea of what logic is (denying global warming and failing economics). I cannot respect an ideology that wants its presence in my uterus and presumes to tell me what to think and feel, then says it's providing me with greater liberty and shows this by privatising the fuck out of everything and removing my safety net. Ideologies should at least be consistent, and this one isn't. Having the moral low ground doesn't really help either.

As for those who accuse the Left of the same thing? It's rather fashionable to blame both sides, and it presumably gives the accusers a warm fuzzy feeling inside, but I couldn't in good conscience blame them as well - at least, I couldn't blame the far left. I dislike infighting as much as anyone else, but I flock to the anti-capitalists, feminists, humanists and general promoters of civil rights - who seem to be quite a lot more prevalent on the Left than they are on the Right or in the centre.