Combat Xenophobia - But How?

It surely can't have escaped most people that Europe is becoming increasingly xenophobic, what with claims that multiculturalism has failed and/or encourages segregation; the demonisation of Islam; the "argument" (I hesitate to glorify it) that immigrants and/or Muslims are taking over the world (Christianity got there first and the colonialism of the whites was and is an utterly brutal thing, to put that into a little perspective); justifying xenophobia because of the perceived bad manners of immigrants; immigrants taking jobs that should theoretically belong to natives (blame capitalism); yeah, I think you get the point already.

It's all bullshit. It is nothing but polite and widely-accepted bigotry to claim that not being white or Christian or being born on the other side of an imaginary line somehow makes you inferior (then again, the people I argue this point to tend to have problems understanding that human beings aren't equal...). Logic, though, isn't working, and the simplistic messages of the xenophobic right are drowning out reason.

So here's an open question: how do you combat xenophobia? We need to do something, because whatever we're doing now is less effective than what the xenophobes are doing. Mockery helps (doesn't attack the central point, but still), but not as much as the simple, populist messages, biased reporting and consistent propaganda of the far right. I fear we may need to take a few pages out of their book.