Glory Hallelujah!

As an atheist, I often get theists telling me to respect their religion (in all fairness, I was singing "there is no God" under my breath before a service I was forced to attend - try singing that in a house of the Lord, it's fun). How dare I openly say that I'm doing just fine without a God?!

Leaving aside the question of whether any beliefs are inherently deserving of respect (I don't think so - respect is earned based on their logic - but I'm already in enough trouble as it is), I'd just like to ask some theists this.

You force your beliefs on others. You force me to attend your services and sit through things I don't believe in, as well as pouring your vitriol on me for being a young atheist feminist bisexual woman, while claiming that all this is justified because "Britain is a Christian country", then order me to respect your religion if I sing "Glory Hallelujah" under my breath (OK song on an excellent album). Right, so that's the music break over...

...I realise not all theists are like this, and I have no desire to start a war. I just think that you could have the common decency to not force your beliefs on me - and in turn I won't force mine on you. I won't paste up atheist posters if you won't force me to worship your God, and I think that's only fair.

But if you do force me to sit through your services and bow my head in prayer, don't begrudge me a little "Glory Hallelujah" from time to time...