An Apology

I feel like I owe a lot of people an apology.

First of all, I apologise for myself. I apologise for having said and done some really stupid, hurtful and judgemental things in my life, and I apologise because I'm fallible. I'm going to fuck up and hurt people and be stupid and judgemental again, and that's just life. I apologise for having put a lot of people through a lot of shit. I apologise for having believed stupid things and acted on those stupid beliefs.

I apologise for white people having a shitton of white privilege and doing stupid, racist things. I apologise for white people crying "reverse racism" or acting oppressed because we have to give up our privilege. I appologise for stupid white people doing stupid things to get out of admitting we're in the wrong and in the process making ourselves wronger.

I apologise for abled people being stupid, patronising or ableist. I apologise for abled people saying stupid and harmful things about the rights to live and reproduce of disabled people.

I apologise for cis people doing stupid, hurtful, intrusive, cissexist, transphobic things and generally acting like dicks.

Most of all, I apologise for humanity. I apologise for our stupidity, our cruelty, our dislike of independent thinking. I apologise for our being annoying, selfish and largely unable or unwilling to empathise or sympathise. I apologise for our prejudices, our hate, all the little unfounded things that make us fall apart.

An apology doesn't make things better, I know that much. I need to get off my fat arse and change things. I just wanted to say - just so you know - that I'm sorry.