Why I, as a young person, am angry

Firstly, let me just say that I was inspired by some socialists. (Before you get up in arms about this, I consider them moderate and I look up to them.)

I am an angry person. I have been angry since I was old enough to experience unfairness (though still too young to know the words for it), and I will be angry until I either run out of things to be angry about or run out of energy to be angry with. (I know that prepositions aren't supposed to go at the end of the sentence, but it makes more sense that way.)

My anger is focused on many things, but one thing stands out above all: the sheer, dirty, cruel injustice of the world and how it cannot be justified. I won't focus on that today, though. I'll focus on why I as a young person am angry, and here's why.

I'm angry because the government is screwing me out of a job, an education, a home of my own, a healthy life, in the name of ideology and incompetence. I'm angry because I'll have a worse quality of life than the generation of wastrels that came before me. I'm angry because that generation of wastrels put themselves first out of selfishness and fear of the young. I'm angry because my future will consist of working myself to the bone - no, beyond the bone - to pick up the pieces and somehow combat climate change because my parents' generation, those fine, upstanding citizens, were too lazy and too deluded to fix the problem.

I'm angry because I'm deemed too young to have a proper say, when I can run rings round people more than thrice my age. (Conceited but true.) I'm angry because people assume my generation are inherently stupid, evil or both. I'm angry because the old have our world in a death grip that's choking the vitality out of it and won't let go.

How am I supposed to fix your mistakes - and you have made many - when you deny me even the tools I need to fix them?