My current obsession

I have been obsessed with a certain series for quite a long time. It's called The Legend of Sun Knight (or just LSK for short) and can be read here. It's well worth a look, by the way - basically, it's about the adventures of the thirty-eighth generation Sun Knight, supposedly the most perfect and closest to God...well, supposedly at least. In fact, he's a closet pervert, a drink fiend and very much not perfect. He also has an unusual propensity for getting himself into troublesome situations...when it's not being funny, it's being interesting, and while it's not great literature, it's certainly worth a look if you like a laugh or if you just like to see fantasy turned upside-down.

There's also a manhua scanlated by Odd Squad Scanlations, which can be read here. First three chapters are sparkly to the point of ridiculousness, second two are better, but it's recommended that you read the novel otherwise the manhua is a little hard to follow. It also tends to give people the wrong idea about the series.

Why am I even posting this? Because, obsessed with the series as I am, I have decided (drumroll...) to write fanfic for it! And (drumroll...) I have decided to post it up on the interwebbies for all to see! (Of course, if enough people protest at its general badness, I'll take it down.)

Updates will start in the near future and are likely to be totally random.