De Libertate

Well, everyone seems to have differing definitions of freedom. The Tea Party think it's found in gun ownership and low taxes; the liberals think it's found in freedom of speech and communication; the cynics think it's found nowhere on earth, and the power-mad think it's found in the domination of others.

Freedom isn't gun ownership.

Freedom isn't being able to buy and sell things.

Freedom isn't the right to enter into a contract where you slave yourself half to death.

Freedom isn't low taxes.

Freedom isn't having the biggest collection of nukes in the known universe.

No, freedom is when you can say what you want, when you want, where you want.

Freedom is where people will listen to you and actually pay some damn attention for once.

Freedom is where you don't have to be scared of the authorities tracking you down for a loose tongue here or a hashtag there.

Freedom is where no-one regulates your life but you.

It's not an impossible dream, and don't listen to anyone who tells you it is. Realpolitik has its place, but that place is not here. Giving up liberty for security has never been a good idea - we've known that since the 18th century at least. We the people are increasingly marginalised and ignored, the people in charge of our lives deciding to shut down cell phone service - and worst of all, they're within the letter of the law in doing so, if not within its spirit. (Although this happened in San Francisco, it could apply anywhere at any time.) At this point, we might as well just blow ourselves up for all the good it would do.

Living without freedom is not fun. You're left to the whims of the rulers, grown fat with power, and you can do as much against them as a butterfly against a speeding train.

Let's get that freedom back.

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