I'm sick of liberals and I'm sick of conservatives.
I'm sick of Labour and I'm sick of the Tories.
I'm sick of the Republicans and I'm sick of the Democrats.
I'm sick of fascists and I'm sick of anarchists.
I'm sick of the Left and I'm sick of the Right.
I'm sick of people refusing to look at the facts, in fact cheerfully ignoring them when they get in the way of political ideologies.
I'm sick of people making shit up because it's easier to blame an ancient conspiracy than admit that there's no-one to blame.
In fact, I'm sick of people - liberal, conservative, Labour, Tory, Republican, Democrat, fascist, anarchist, left, right - not looking at the truth.

I've always believed that you can only fix the world if you actually know what's going on in it. It makes sense, right? If I didn't accept the truth of basic principles, like needing oxygen to respire, I'd die pretty quickly. If you don't understand what's going on around you, you can't hope to change it.

Apparently everyone else seems to have forgotten this, because they flat-out deny anything which doesn't please them...and it makes me sick. I identify as a liberal because, looking at the evidence around me, I think that liberals are closer to reality than conservatives. I might have been wrong - some of them appear to be blinded by their own rhetoric, as do some conservatives. Either way, I'm disgusted. All I've ever wanted was a system based on truth and listening to other people. All I've ever found is a system based on lies and partisanship.

Liberal, conservative, Labour, Tory, Republican, Democrat, fascist, anarchist, left, right - if you value the truth more than your political stripes...I hate to use this cliché, but join me. Let me know there is someone out there who cares more about facts than rhetoric. There are too few of us, too few people who would stand a chance of not destroying the world because we'd prefer that to giving up ideology.