Yeah, a random poem I wrote when I should have been paying attention in English.

I would not sit my exam
But rather sit and lie, spinning my thoughts
Under the green tree of summer
Where I live free as air and
My spirit reaches beyond reaches, to rows upon rows of minds
Opening me to new ideas:
I beg them, lead away my soul forever.
Do not leave me, I beg them too,
To write with cramp for those who cannot write:
Words weep and struggle on their page in endless strife,
Fixed in grey forms, stumbling over themselves.
Don't leave me to their red pens and dark lines, their regulations,
Dark narrow minds who'd narrow mine as well.
Rather, give me back my apple tree,
Give me back my summer,
Give me back thoughts, feelings, words spoken
On fleeting air, with fear and love of nothing
Save for liberty.