OK, this Friday parody really isn't working. In other news, while our good old British rapture is scheduled for 6 o'clock this evening (and I do hope someone will bring the tea and biscuits), it seems to be scheduled for 6 o'clock everywhere and there's a map (kindly provided by RaptureFail) detailing, well...the lack of massive earthquakes and mass disappearances of people everywhere. Sadly, there's little data about what's happening NOW (except for the above mentioned RaptureFail and some news posts), so I don't get to see Harold Camping looking silly yet. Just as well, because he'd probably move the goalposts again and blame it on not looking at the Apocrypha or something. And I haven't been able to find any interviews with him from today...links appreciated, because I want to see him making an ass of himself.

On a side note, since salvation (according to Camping) is unmerited and preordained, how hilarious would it be if Richard Dawkins got into heaven?! The look on his face when he saw God and the angels and realised that, contrary to all scientific evidence ever and a lot of Biblical evidence, the world's 13,000 years old and evolution never happened...

(To everyone out there who now thinks I'm a Christian fundamentalist, I'm a scientific realist - which is a posh term for believing in science rather than God. I just have a rather fiendish imagination. Thank you.)