I'm All That

...You guessed it.

Look at me -
I'm all that with
My self-slashed wrists and slavish copies
Of those good people who've gone before me; I don't have to be original
When I write about "realism" or "profundity" - they're always classics.
I wouldn't know them if they slapped me in the face?! Pah!
I've got "depression" too - maybe "dyslexia".
That way I cut myself as a cry for help and
Not because I want attention, that way
When people can't read my chicken filth
I'll have an excuse - after all, making fun of people's
Worse when they have disabilities, right?
Better than learning how to write properly and well -
Too much effort.
All I need's my whining and my faked angst
Because only sadness matters, only sadness
Is serious enough for attention.
As for happiness? Humour?
The things that make life worth living?
Oh, those are for losers!


Yeah...dashed off in a couple of minutes. Honestly, this could have been written as prose, but it wouldn't have the same effect - after all, poetry looks more profound and worthy of people's attention, right?

Apologies for my vitriol...I have a lot of it and I need to get it out of my system. Worse, some of it's actually justified.

Long story short, I'm really sick of people writing depressing poetry. I have nothing against depressing poetry in itself, but when people's galleries/blogs/portfolios/whatever are full of nothing but them whining in varyingly complex ways, I start to get a bit sick of it - especially when it's tied up with the whole idea of serious and depressing things being more important and mature than lighter, happier things.

The truth - and it's a pretty clichéd truth, but it's still the truth - is that both happiness and sadness are important. If one is ignored totally in favour of the other, at some point it'll start to grate. Why? Because life - which is what I believe all literature should aim to represent in varying ways - has happiness and sadness, tears and joy, screaming and laughter all mixed up in one. Those who ignore one for the other, mistakenly believing that their work is better for it, are in the wrong.

I also take potshots at attention whores and people who pretend to be dyslexic but aren't. So, in conclusion, the only three kinds of people who should really be flaming me are a) people who think that only sad subjects are worthy of attention, b) attention whores and c) people who are too lazy to write properly and blame it on a learning disability which they may not actually have.

To those who think I'm insulting people with depression and dyslexia: Notice how those two words are in quotes? I'm insulting the people who pretend to have either condition, not the people who genuinely have them.

I realise that everything I have just said is politically incorrect, but hey, it's a free internet and I believe my targets - and if you didn't get them the nth time round, they're pretentious people, attention seekers and people who pretend to have conditions they don't to make themselves look better - are justified.

Flames, arguments, bitching, general comments and - god forbid! - reasonable rebuttals are all welcome.

In yet other news, I've had my P2 exam today and it was actually easier than I thought it would be. I hope I did well.